Lord Milner’s Office of Archaeological Control shuttled and spread around the imperial bureaucracy, constantly changing names and patrons. In Egypt, it was an Army mapping bureau; in India, an Imperial Claims at Law office dealing with antiquities; in Cyprus, a liaison with the London Missionary Society.

Milner’s private secretary, John Buchan, coordinated its activities and wrote novels alluding to his secret life; Milner’s other protégés protected and promoted it where they could. Naval
Intelligence officer Everard Feilding, who was coincidentally the secretary for the Society for Psychical Research, tied the group into Britain’s burgeoning secret services in 1910 after a disturbing séance in Dorset. Slowly, the shape of the problem emerged: not just artifacts and invaders, but control and reality dictated by the very structures of language.



Buchan joined the War Propaganda Bureau in 1914; Feilding took an assignment in the Middle East and set about destabilizing the Ottoman Empire under the cover of World War I. They fought a hidden war against the Kaiser’s Propaganda-Kabinett, which included Yale psychologist Hugo Münsterberg (the greatest living authority on mass psychology and crowd influence) and the archaeologist Max von Oppenheim. By 1918, the British had secured control of Mesopotamia and Feilding’s men commanded the key subduction zones in the Middle East. If the Propaganda-Kabinett ever discovered the secrets of History B, the proof vanished in the chaos ofWeimar – unless there was some arcane explanation for Hitler’s mesmerizing powers of oratory.

Now designated DC-R (a meaningless-looking acronym Buchan thought up during the War), the Milner group centralized its psychological arm in the Tavistock Clinic in London, where data flooded in under the cover of researching “shell shock” and “breaking points.” Following Feilding’s death in 1936, Tavistock head John Rawlings Rees (who had served as a medical officer in Mesopotamia, where Feilding recruited him) took over DC-R. In 1939, he joined the Army and took over its psychological corps, seeding more assets into Britain’s various propaganda arms.

The DC-R ran programs out of both the Political Warfare Executive (PWE) and the Special Operations Executive (SOE), especially the latter’s “Hackett School” for subversive propaganda, code-named STS 39. The DC-R planted the suggestion in Rudolf Hess’ mind to fly to Scotland, where Rees debriefed him on Nazi memetics experiments; he got enough intel from Hess to coordinate the destruction of Max von Oppenheim’s private archaeological museum by air raid in November 1943. The “War Magician” Jasper Maskelyne may have had access to Anunnaki glyphs to camouflage the Eighth Army and the Suez Canal during the campaign against Rommel; how else DC-R used its abilities during the wider war is classified.

In 1943, another major irruptor invasion manifested in North Africa and Sicily. This time, DC-R had plenty of military assets in the region, but even so it took American reinforcements to seal and destroy the “City of Brass” in the Tunisian desert.


With the destruction of the City of Brass, DC-r realized that it needed further assets that could not only counter but predict and analyze Annunaki memetics, creatures, and artifacts from History B. To this end, DC-R recruited Dr. Alan Turing, who in turn utilized his knowledge of computing to create code-breaking apparatus to aid in the covert war for consciousness.


Though Turing’s initial efforts were a sideline for DC-R, matters changed with the death of Rees at the end of the war, a victim of Annunaki slow-death glyphs. Turing was named the head of the new project, now code-named SANDMAN. Under his supervision, SANDMAN underwent a sea change akin to J. Edgar Hoover’s reforms of the FBI. Turing moved SANDMAN from a largely reactive role to a proactive stance, using ever-iterating predictive algorithms to intercept and halt Annunaki operations and incursions before they encountered public scrutiny.

Turing’s reforms proved too effective, however, drawing the attention of burgeoning Cold War intelligence agencies (who resented SANDMAN’s unchecked influence) and the agents of the Annunaki themselves. Turing was outed as a homosexual publicly and driven to suicide in 1954, and in the wake of his death, SANDMAN went further underground, deepening their connections to the very foundations of the modern-day intelligence community worldwide.



For decades, the secret wars between SANDMAN and the agents of the Annunaki continued with the public left unaware. In 1959, the Project moved forward on Turing’s early notions of physically conditioning agents when it recruited a number of Tibetan martial artists and avadhutas under cover of the CIA’s Project ST-CIRCUS.

After Nixon canceled the CIA program of aiding Tibetan guerrillas, the Project provided many key ST-CIRCUS assets with new identities in the U.S., U.K., Nepal, and India. The Project infiltrated some of these assets into Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, mostly to study the enigmatic Dong Son and Mimotien ruins in Vietnam, and to monitor irruptor activity around Angkor Wat. By then, the irruptors had seemingly abandoned direct invasion
as a tactic.

In 1961, the Project manipulated the French government into testing a nuclear warhead on a reality subduction zone in the Hoggar Mountains of Algeria. The backblast destabilized human culture around the globe for two decades, but Project intel estimated that it decapitated the šedu command structure in our history, collapsed the subduction zone, and may have actually killed one of the Red Kings. It almost certainly convinced the šedu that direct invasion was logistically impossible for the time being.



After this shock, the šedu turned operations in our history over to their devious aquatic lieutenants, the kulullû, for the next four decades. The fish-men built and nurtured compact but effective networks and conspiracies hidden amidst the sudden explosion of mysticism, “ancient astronaut” cults, UFO mania, and general weirdness of the era.

During this period, kulullû-engineered leaks almost exposed the Project; only the blatantly illegal destruction of the MK-ULTRA files in 1973 by CIA Director Richard Helms (one of Oechsner’s star reporters in the old Berlin days) kept the Sandmen undercover. Kulullû cults infiltrated Project nursery gardens like Esalen and other New Age psychological centers; kulullû manipulators slowly drove highly placed Project-controlled assets in Middle Eastern governments into foaming megalomania.

The kulullû targeted the Project itself, luring a number of key British Sandmen into joining the Anunnakku; the war against these tighearnamach traitors nearly tore the whole Project apart in witch-hunts. Between 1973 and 1983, Sandmen had to submit to brainwashing to receive clearances; this policy likewise nearly destroyed the Project’s effectiveness.

The kulullû began actively assisting the Soviet psychic weapons and espionage program, centralizing it in the KGB. When the kulullû-maddened Yuri Andropov nearly ordered a nuclear first strike during NATO’s ABLE ARCHER exercise in 1983, the Project was forced to respond actively. Sandman “wetware wetworkers” piggybacked onto SDI launches and used orbital psychotronic weapons to kill Andropov and Chernenko (and a number of crucial-but-obscure personnel, including Kim Philby) while the “buzz boys” launched a full memetic barrage against the USSR. Though the Sandmen dramatically lost control of the situation in 1991 during the Kremlin coup, the kulullû had suffered a major setback.

The Project took advantage of this brief breathing space to jettison its South African branch, which had nearly gone rogue in pursuit of its domestic agenda. The OAC infiltrated and took
over the South African Department of Information in 1961, using Sandman technology and techniques to tighten white control of the country.

The “Muldergate” scandal of the 1970s (probably also leaked by the kulullû) revealed an internal propaganda apparatus on a massive scale unknown in the West since Woodrow Wilson’s CPI days, and the Witsanders (“White Sandmen”) in South Africa doubled down with Project COAST in 1983. They intended to perfect memetic-chemical crowd control and create a brainwashed racial caste society on the Anunnakku model. Having already crossed the Rubicon of direct action against the USSR, the American and British SANDMAN directors agreed to decapitate the South African government as well before things got even worse. Hunting down the remaining Witsander bitter-enders took most of the rest of the decade.



The kulullû tried one more global destabilization campaign, attempting to crash the Internet (by now a vital linchpin of Project operations and control) in a memetic “Y2K” blitz. The global celebration of January 1, 2000 was a complete triumph for Project SANDMAN, marred only by three confirmed sightings of šedu, the first since 1963.

The irruptors’ campaign stepped up into higher gear as a ripple of reality temblors washed across the Middle East, north and central Africa, and Mexico over the next eighteen months. Al-Qaeda hijacked and flew its planes under cover of this memetic chaff, and suddenly blood flowed once more across the ancient subduction zones.

Sandmen spread themselves thin running missions during the Iraq War, beginning with the seizure and assessment of the site of the Sumerian “holy city” Nippur in 2003. Saddam
Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 had cut off Project access to this critical subduction zone, so recovering the site was an urgent priority. The changes to Nippur in the interim indicate a major šedu reality-engineering operation is underway, but what form it will take remains unknown.

Project reality archaeologists are resurveying every site in Iraq And Libya, and surveying new ones in Afghanistan, in between dodging suicide cults and snake-guardian bašmu attacks. The kulullû still plot in the waters off Hong Kong and Karachi; scorpion soldiers protect Mexican cartels moving specialty narcotics into the U.S.; lion-headed torturers tear information from Iranian scholars and Tibetan lamas in secret prisons. The World Wide Web drowns the Sandmen in leads and information. Crises multiply as reality creaks on its hinges. The Red King stirs in his slumber in this, the end of history.



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