The Membrane and History A

The Membrane and History A

The ontological structure of History A depends on a quantum-level non-observational construct defining commonly-accepted and pseudo-objective reality that allows for causal events, consistent physical phenomena, and the existence of human consciousness.

This interlocking structure is referred to as ‘the Membrane,’ existing as a barrier between History A and exo-historical structures collectively referred to as the Other Histories. Originally, the Project believed that a sole Other History pseudo-existed: History B, the origin of the Archons and annunaki. Recent events and research have proven otherwise. History A’s Membrane exists atop a virtual quantum stack of non-causal, subjective realities separated by as-yet unknown quantum effects.

SANDMAN theorizes that if the membrane is affected by human consciousness, it could in fact be a product of human consciousness. Project records of membrane intensity begin in the 1850s. There was a rise in membrane strength during the mid-19th century, followed by a fall corresponding to a growing belief in spiritualism, which matches established theories about human belief influencing membrane strength.

The great unanswered question is the state of the membrane during earlier time periods following the 535 Ontoclysm, before records began or were retrocreated. The dark ages, for example, were a time of superstition, fear and eschatological fervor – prime territory for the Other Histories. Was the world overrun with monsters in such conditions? Could the membrane have thickened again with the growth of rationalism and science since the Renaissance? How much of history is reliable, and how much congealed out of impossible contradictions left by the retreating Other Histories?

The events of the Braidwood Foundation dig suggest that it is possible for history to be created out of whole cloth when the paranatural is rendered impossible by shifting reality conditions. In such a scenario, the last three hundred years represent an unusual island of stability, and the continuing degradation of the membrane is simply a return to a status quo, albeit one that is likely incompatible with our civilization. Another possibility is that the membrane rises and falls periodically, independent of human conditions.

Myths of monsters and gods may be accounts of Exo-Historical Entities or EHEs. This would imply that if the Project can shepherd humanity through the current low membrane conditions, the membrane will naturally repair itself in the future. A third possibility, raised by materials recovered from an enemy safe house and classified under APPLE HOWDAH, is that the current state of the membrane itself is an aberration, and that for most of human history, there was only minimal leakage between subjective and objective reality through the membrane. This theory states that something changed in recent years, allowing the annunaki, other EHEs, and their cults to affect the membrane.

The earliest confirmed antecedents of History B cells date to the 18th century – under this theory, those incidents somehow infected the membrane and rendered it vulnerable to their methods.

The Other Histories themselves also react to humanity’s beliefs and fears – but is this a deliberate act on the part of EHEs, who clothe themselves in our nightmares, or are they literally the product of our fears? Does the subjective reality of the Other Histories exist without human consciousness to observe and feed it? Were there Other Histories before intelligent life evolved to dread it? Investigation into the paranatural characteristics of ‘virgin’ territory is ongoing (cf ICE PILGRIM, PLUNGE, HIGH CHARIOT); we can only assume the enemy is also eagerly expanding into new frontiers (Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Science is almost certainly an annunaki front).

Damage to the Membrane

The membrane is weakened by:

  • Overall psychological condition of the human population. Fear, uncertainty, paranoia, credulity, and especially eschatological beliefs all contribute towards a weaker membrane.
  • Acts of shocking cruelty, seemingly meaningless carnage or sadism, bizarre perversity, surrealism or other events that damage people’s faith in an ordered, reasoned reality.
  • Ritual acts and ontological discharges, especially those fueled by sacrifice, suffering, physical pain or death.
  • Traumatic events such as fatal accidents, serial killings, natural disasters.
  • Accounts or events that suggest that the commonly accepted version of reality is incorrect or incomplete (urban legends, conspiracy theories, fringe beliefs, pseudoscience or radical paradigm shifts in science).
  • Paranatural events or the presence of exo-historical entities.

Breach Categories
Such damage degrades both the membrane as a whole and the immediately locality of the damage, causing Low Membrane Strength Locations (LMSLs). These breaches are categorized as follows.

Class One (Weak Membrane):
Hauntings and other low-membrane phenomenon. No significant paranatural presence. Allows for the use of memetics and reality shards, but only with limited reliability.

Class Two (Bleed):
Allows, with the considerable investment of resources, for the summoning of lesser entities, reality shards, and the full use of memetics.

Class Three (Wound):
Allows for the comparatively easy summoning of lesser entities. Summoning greater entities becomes possible. Memetics and reality shards become more powerful. Random paranatural effects may occur. Impossible structures and spaces may materialize in our reality.

Class Four (Overlap/Reality Quake):
Entities of the Other Histories may freely enter our world. Reports suggest that a class four breach allows humans to cross into the Other Histories, although whether they can survive there in any recognizable form has yet to be confirmed.

Class Five (Ontoclysm):
A mostly-theoretical construct, the appearance of a Class Five breach would result in a second ontoclysm. The effects on History A would be incalculable.

Repairing the Membrane

Fortunately, the membrane repairs itself naturally over time once the source of damage is removed. This healing process can be accelerated by correct action on the part of Project agents. A successful Veil-Out is a necessary first step. The methods used vary depending on the threat at hand.

In the longer term, Project Social Engineering Teams (PSETs) can be deployed to a former LSML region. PSETs operate using a variety of cover identities, from investment capitalists to religious organisations to media groups, to reinforce social structures and promote stability. Since the PAPER TIGER incident, Project investment in PSETs has risen by 192%; in the longer term, however, PSET operations are unlikely to arrest the ongoing decline of membrane strength.

The Membrane and History A

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