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For 15 centuries, the Red King  slept, stunned by a cataclysm so massive that it threw all history – past and future – into a new pattern. The Red King’s servants, those who survived the reality quake, slowly shook themselves out of the rubble of their superseded history and began trying to wake him up.

For over a century, only the Sandmen – the archeologists, neurolinguists, and commandos of Project SANDMAN – have stopped them. Every day the Project succeeds is a day that history remains familiar, that humans remain free, that the madness dossier remains closed. And all it costs is the life, the morals, and the sanity of everyone who works for the Project.

Project SANDMAN Overview

Project Sites


<u>Field Team Primaries</u>

Field Team Support

  • Ariadne Duarte: WATCHTOWER
  • James Gideon: CONTROL
  • SANDMAN Paramilitary: Operational Detachment Alphas
  • SANDMAN BLACKFLIGHT: Covert Vehicular Operations Division
  • SANDMAN EIE: Electronic Intelligence and Espionage ("The Eyes")
  • SANDMAN TIC: Target Intelligence Collection ("Finger Men")
  • SANDMAN TOC: Target Operations Contact ("Feather Men")


  • Weapons
  • Defense
  • Communications
  • Transportation

Special Projects Division

  • Project TOWER: Memetics & Countermeasures
  • Project BANSHEE: Psychotronics R&D
  • Project JANUS: Exo-Historical Studies
  • Project LETHE: Psychoanalytics and Repair
  • Project HUA-TO: Biomedical Research & Treatment
  • Project HEPHAESTUS: Field Equipment R&D


  • Bartok Science Industries

    • Consolidated Security Solutions (CONSEC)
    • STARCO Assemblies and Structures
    • Amalgamated Biocarbon

      • Trillium Therapeutics
      • Medical Applications Research Center (MARC)
      • Pharmethuselah, LLC
    • Severn Aerospace, Ltd.
    • Bartok Grant for Emerging Sciences
    • Advanced Industrial Integration
    • Paradigm Telecommunications
  • Blackwood Institute
  • Caanyu Tribe
  • Cult of the Unwritten Book
  • Environmental Policy Impact Commission, M-Section
  • Repetoiré du Charlegmane
  • The Silent Legion
  • Templar Order

Enemies of History


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