The Enochian threat originates in a parallel universe where steady state theory has produced a universe ruled by strict order and mechanistic principles. Servants of the Deus Apparatus, the clockwork angels of the Enochians seek to subvert History A and impose their alien order upon humanity.

To this end, they create Nephilim, human-machine agents that can pass among humanity unseen as the Enochians build their infrastructure in the world's forgotten places, machinery to fuel their conquest. 6b4dae4c-bf69-40dd-887e-bc64a94604c4.png

The Enochians embrace a strict hierarchical structure, based around 'cells' of Nephilim agents supported by the Watchers or Grigori, with human agents and Enochian constructs beneath them. All bend knee in service to their otherworldly creator, the universe-filling Deus Apparatus, the God-Machine.


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