Roman Sanchez, Code-name LAMB (On Detached Duty)

Sharp in both stature and cheekbones. Roman tends to dress in monochrome T-shirts, a light jacket and surplus combat pants (ACUs). His gaze looks right past people.


Name: Roman Sanchez (USN, RET)
Code-name: Lamb
Profession: Corpsman (CPL) cum Templari
Employer: SANDMAN and the Templique Salomonici
Nationality: American, Hispanic Descent
Sex: M
Age: 30-ish
Education and Occupational History: Former Navy Corpsman recruited into the combat order of the Templarii. Seconded to Proj Sandman.


Recruited by the Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici , more commonly known as the Knights Templar, during his tour of duty, Cpl. Sanchez serves as the field team’s operational medic and close-combat specialist. How or why the supposedly non-existent Knights Templar are associated with the Project’s operations – or why they have chosen to only act recently – remains a mystery to even Lamb.

Roman Sanchez, Code-name LAMB (On Detached Duty)

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