John Solt (Deceased)

Slightly stocky Caucasian with Romney hair, tends to solid color clothes, strong poker face.


John is a dedicated observer, but when not on task remains cold, aloof, and objective. Resembles Donald Sutherland in his later years.


John was raised by aloof and uninvolved parents in the typical New England style. Spending most of his childhood at prep schools he quickly learned how to observe systems (mechanical or social) and determine their precise forces that enabled them to move.

Embracing stoicism as a religion, he made few close social bonds aside from his graduate mentor, Dr. Goodfellow. Goodfellow encouraged John to apply himself to the sciences and to encourage others to be productive. Graduating from Drexel he applied and was accepted at the SN Neutron Labs for energy research.

As project manager, he authorized an experiment to use Casimir vacuum energies to create folded ST lattices to amplify the energy availability. Looking for alternate space unfortunately led to an alternate time stream. The device was shut down after just 3.8 seconds of operation, Long enough to shelve the project, leading to what he feels is his first failure. He won’t rest until he is vindicated, and Project SANDMAN is the means to accomplish that.

John Solt (Deceased)

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